Cosmetics shop POS offered by Syntech Solution LTD is to provide kit features which makes it easy to sell cosmetic items in the package.
The cosmetic store has many small items which would be complicated to keep track of all the elements by using pen and paper. Hence, this POS system helps retail business owners to create a kit or packaged item which comprise of many items. Managing inventory without computerised software is very difficult.

Features of Cosmetics Shop POS:

  • By using Cosmetics shop POS, you can set up the sales to take a position on specific hours and date effortlessly. This characteristic provides significant benefits to the cosmetic store owners in different aspects because they can set the special prices based on special days and events.

  • Cosmetic shop POS is the complete retail solution which provides robust and flexible ideas to the business enterprise.

  • It is a management system that provides useful lifecycle value and increased business revenue at an affordable price.

  • Makes your customer happy by enunciating that bestselling items are in stock.

  • Create automatic report when the product is running low.

  • If your cosmetic shop owners operate on commission based sales, you will have the chances of managing the commission rates.


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