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Service your customer:

With Parlor POS software you can focus on selling more products to your clients and does the job like billing, managing taxes and retargeting your customers. Important features are managed your services and biometric-based attendance. You can select your desired beautician for your facial, spa and everything.

Stay ahead of the competition:

To run Parlor business with Parlor POS all you need is a device connected to the internet. It can be an apersonal laptop, old desktop, Ipad and you may have dedicated POS hardware setup. Parlor POS makes it easy for you to focus on the competition and make a smarter decision with minimal investment.

Hardware support:

Parlor POS works with a different range of equipment, and we can help you get started with the videos, tutorials, and range of support options.

Appointment Booking:

Easily book an appointment which will be automated to your calendar. It will help you an easier way of booking, quick and easy billing and tax compliance..


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