Jewelry Store POS provided by Syntech solution LTD is to offer useful information that store can use for employee management, target marketing and so on.

Jewelry POS system tells the manager what is in stock and what is going out. It helps to generate automatic reorder data based on the changes in the inventory. It has all features and capabilities to manage your jewellery store. It will provide an integrated solution to manage jewellery stores in Bangladesh.

Features of Jewelry Store POS:

Manage item repairs:
Tracking product repairs are applicable in POS system. It consists of detailed customer instructions so technicians can determine the problem quickly. Also, attach notes and photos to the work order to document the exact service which was performed.
Sparkle in your store:
If you are selling rings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets, Jewelry store POS changes how you communicate with the system to give them a faster response and short kiosk time. They just select the products they like to purchases and spin it over for them to swipe the credit card to complete the purchases. You will make them happy again and again.

Make your items visible:

Any of the jewellery items that have been put into the Jewelry Store POS can be made view able or available for order and purchase through your customized online storefront.


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Purchase Management

Product Managementet

Sales Management

Accounts Management

Reports Management