Increase your customer, more demands and better sales are no longer a problem.
The Pharmacy POS offered by Syntech Solution LTD includes a selection of the features which are ought to make you more competitive and at the same time it will simplify your daily routine from point of sales to office. The depth of the system at the Pharmacy POS of Syntech Solution provides you reports to understand your business finance to order, re-order and manage the retail products which will enhance your bottom line. It will also help you to make offer deals, promotion and even you may build a loyalty program to increase the repeating customers.

The Pharmacy POS will also helps you to cut your cost and improve the customers experience and a dispensing software enabling with the specific medical standard functionality would make you way ahead of your competitors. The feature rich Pharmacy POS will also handle drugs more carefully and the system would enable you to manage various prescriptions and price can be calculated more easily.

Some of the more key feature may include:

Clear overview of your entire business: Whether you are managing one or multiple pharmacies, you can take decisions with a click and implement them accordingly.

Create campaigns and offers: You can change prices, create offers and campaigns to gain competitiveness over your competitors.

Manage prescriptions and customer databaseYou can both manage prescription and customer details to give customer an easy experience for electronic orders.

Provide better experiences to customers: You can suggest an alternate better medicine with similar generic by giving a better brand. The system will guide you to access the entire brand under the same generic. It will also help you to provide alternatives to customers when certain brands are not available.

Keep your stock upAlways stay up to date with your stock and inventory and above that, you can keep a close eye on the expiry date of each and every medicine.


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