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Tailor store POS offered by Syntech Solution LTD are to make the tailor business easy and deliver more efficiency in the daily operations of a business.

Tailor store POS to accommodate all offered services. This provides quick selection, clear direction and facilitates your work process. Tailor store POS has some operation features which provides benefits to the employees to make a record of tasks when they complete on the system for accountability and tracing for future reference.

Features of Tailor store POS:

Select your desired products: Tailor store POS has unique features which enable you to view drop off orders of the customers when they are selling the different consumer goods. A customer can purchase the consumer goods, and you can apply charges for the particular items by using a barcode scanner.

Extensive reports: A system designed for tracking outstanding orders, payments, orders, offers and affiliates and discount system. This will help to make consistent payments and process orders within the POS system.

Affiliate tracking system: Allow working as the agent for another dry cleaning, tailoring and alteration business. Integration with the world’s most popular email marketing systems. Track all activities in your business. Barcode printing is used for orders and customers.


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